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EmployZ Limited is a 100% NZ owned and operated company which provides a common platform to the job seekers and employment providers, in order to find and fill job vacancies online. Our policy and mission is to allow you to “Be Employed Always”, and we have integrated our platform with several job boards seamlessly, and searching and finding a suitable job for you or someone you know would be a breeze.

Candidates can easily apply for job vacancies with their pre-generated CVs & Cover Letters or use our Online Profile Tool to generate a modern CV that can be submitted to the employers directly for each job advertisement.

EmployZ facilitates Business & Individual Employers to advertise their job vacancies online and get applications from interested Candidates. Our modern intuitive platform helps the Employers post a Job advert in just 5 minutes and provides a dashboard to manage applicants and shortlist them step by step.

Our platform is open to Job Agencies and Individual Agents who need a feasible portal to advertise their clients’ vacancies and filter out applicants easily.

Checkout our separate Packages for Employers, Agents and Candidates and get in touch with us using the contact form if you need any further information.


Dedicated User Accounts

We have separate User Accounts & Dashboards for Candidates & Employers with special features and tools.


User & Company Profiles

Users can create their Personal or Company profiles and promote to the public to get noticed by the Candidates or Employers.


Your Dream Jobs Are Waiting

Over thousands of job vacancies to make yourself employed always.

How It Works

It's super easy to get yourself ready for the next big job in the market.


Register Account

Click Register at the top and create a Candidate account for free.


Update Profile

Submit as much details as possible about yourself, qualifications and work experiences and get your Online Profile ready.


Search Your Dream Job

Go to the Search page and type a keyword related to the job you're searching for.


Apply For Job

Click Apply to submit your application with your pre-generated CV and a Cover Letter or just using your profile link.

Looking For More Resources?

To get yourself equipped with latest Tips & Tricks for an easy job hunt, checkout our blogs and articles online.

Get in touch with us using the contact form if you need any help regarding your User Account or need more information on the Packages and features.


Employers & Agents Advertising Packages

We provide several Advertising Packages for both Employers & Agents to suit their needs.


Basic Package

  • Max 1 Regular Jobs
  • Max 0 Featured Jobs
  • Max 1 Urgent Jobs
  • Max 0 Private Jobs
  • Total of 1 Job Can Be Posted

  • Package Validity: 30 Days
  • Bump Up Jobs: 1 Times
  • Candidates Searches: 5


Standard Package

  • Max 3 Regular Jobs
  • Max 1 Featured Jobs
  • Max 1 Urgent Jobs
  • Max 3 Private Jobs
  • Total of 3 Jobs Can Be Posted

  • Package Validity: 40 Days
  • Bump Up Jobs: 3 Times
  • Candidates Searches: 20


Super Package

  • Max 10 Regular Jobs
  • Max 3 Featured Jobs
  • Max 4 Urgent Jobs
  • Max 10 Private Jobs
  • Total of 10 Jobs Can Be Posted

  • Package Validity: 50 Days
  • Bump Up Jobs: 10 Times
  • Candidates Searches: 35